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Information about 1eRang.nl

1eRang.nl is the brand new site for the performing arts. 1eRang (front row) strives to give its visitors a clear and attractive overview of everything the Dutch theaters, playhouses, and stages have to offer.

With a subdivision in nine categories and a clear lay-out, visitors an easily find whatever show or performance they fancy. 1eRang does not limit itself with merely the play lists of the larger cities, and instead boasts information on all shows throughout the Netherlands. This means we also have information on what the smaller cities and smaller theaters have to offer.

As much as possible, we add pictures and videos of every show. In addition, we include excerpts of professional reviews and we allow our visitors to submit their own reviews. The play lists include direct links to the box-offices of the respective theaters.

You can find the website at 1eRang.nl