El Sonido del Bandoneón

The instrument that is most associated with passion: the bandoneón

El Sonido del Bandoneón

In this documentary by Jiska Rickels (4 Elements, Babaji, an Indian Love Story) the focus in on the Argentinian bandonéon.

The bandoneon is a portable organ and the heart and soul of the tango and folkmusic.

The documentary's premiere was during the IDFA and was attended by Princess Maxima and Prince Willem Alexander. Both director Jiska Rickels and the musicians that were present received a long standing ovation from the audience and princess Maxima openly showed her admiration.

As of February 9, the documentary is playing in cinemas and film-houses throughout the Netherlands. Visit our website for more information on showings.


El Sonido del Bandoneón is a musical road-movie about the instrument that is most associated with passion: the bandoneon. The film is a search for the soul and special sound of this instrument that is so inextricably linked to Argentina and its most famous musical expression, the tango. Invented in Germany, the bandoneon travelled to Argentina in the 1880's with the early immigrants on their desperate search for a better life. As the poor people's organ, around 60.000 bandoneons came to Argentina between 1911 and 1943. But the story of the bandoneon now seems to be headed for a dramatic ending. The old bandoneons from the beginning of the 20th century break down and new ones are made only in very small quantities. Since tourists and collectors take bandoneons in big amounts out of Argentina, the bandoneon is in very real danger of disappearing altogether.

The film shows the struggle and the passion of a few bandoneonistas who try to keep the bandoneon alive. We follow Néstor Marconi, one of the most famous bandoneon players of Argentina, during rehearsals and while performing in some of the historic dance halls of Buenos Aires, and teacher-bandoneon player Daniel Vedia, in his quest to teach poor students in rural gaucho Argentina.

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