Brigitte Kaandorp

NTVF Productions produced serveral recordings of her shows.

Brigitte Kaandorp

Comedienne Brigitte Kaandorp can justly be called a veteran in comedy world.

Kaandorp in the Concertgebouw: a surprising performance in collaboration with the Metropole Orchestra, where Brigitte performed her best theater songs.

In 'Lustrum', the third joint show of Brigitte Kaandorp and Bert Klunder, the Christian School 'Mea Culpa' celebrates its centenary. (Former) students, (former) teachers and (former) caretakers come together to celebrate this memorable milestone.

In 'Badwater' she gave another solo performance. After a play with famous actors, a greatest hits-tour with a proper orchesra, she returned back to the basics.

In 'Badwater' she does what she does best: she tells about the tempestuous developments in her life supplemented with beautiful songs.