The twelfth edition of the Paralympics.


Two weeks after the closing ceremony of the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens started the twelfth edition of the Paralympics.

NTVF Productions produced a daily live broadcast of the Paralympics for BNN called 'With 1 leg in the final' ('Met 1 been in de finale').

Every afternoon, hosts Patrick Lodiers and Bettine Vriesekoop welcomed athletes to the studio. They were assisted by reporters Sophie Hilbrand and Chris Silos.

For two weeks, the hosts met with a lot of Paralympic athletes, their coaches, and family members on their special Athens rooftop. Together they discussed that day's events and the different aspects of their sports. Each day's highlights were reviewed during a the daily news broadcast. They also spend time on the more trivial aspects of the Paralympics, like the spicy details about the parties in the Holland House and the blossoming love between athletes.