Going up

Five floors, five elevators, a growing cash prize and a time clock!

Going up

Going Up is about insight, quick thinking and taking risks

Round one: find the words and sums

Three players start off this challenge. The moving elevators reveal the letters of three words and two sums. Points can be earned if they unravel a word or a sum. The two players with the highest amount of points go through to the next round.

Round two: find the five hidden elevators

By giving a correct answer on a ‘higher/lower’ question, the players are allowed to open boxes on the gameboard. Each box contains a clue or an elevator. The player who discovers three of the five elevators continues to the final round.

Final round: Top floor, please!

Behind every box are word games, trivia questions, or altered images or sounds. Every correct answer will double the cash reward. But… the clock is ticking! Answer more questions to earn more money? Or take the elevator to the next floor? Only if the player reaches the top floor will they win the cash prize!

Going Up is a TV-format with easy and flexible game software that can also be used for an online or mobile edition.

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