About us

Nelissen Television & Film (NTVF) Productions.

An independent, versatile, creative media company that produces shows that matter, thát is NTVF Productions.

NTVF stands for culture, and annually produces the Uitmarkt and records several plays. We are also renowned for our light entertainment shows. Successful formats like Labyrinth, Pop Pyramid and Switch! are NTVF productions and they have found their way to England, Portugal, Greece and the USA.

NTVF can definitely be called innovative. For example, the show 'With 1 leg in the finals' was the first show on the Paralympics and has been copied all around the world.

The 'Suikerfeest' (Eid Ul-Fitr, the Islamic festival at the end of the Ramadan) is another groundbreaking show from NTVF. Commissioned by the Dutch Islamic public broadcasting company, NTVF produced a fantastic show about this festival.